Who we are

Dematier is one of the first companies in Europe that, through the corporate collaboration with the Muzo mine in Colombia, imports various types of precious stones and in particular the dove emerald, a stone that holds the world record for quality. The stones, following the extraction, are transported to the two laboratories of Medeline and Bogotà (in exclusive collaboration with Dematier) where the transformation process from raw stone to finished stone and the raw material selection process takes place. They are then sent, in complete safety and with their respective certification, to the Italian laboratories where the design is designed and the finished Dematier branded jewel is produced. The company is structured in this way, automatically, based on the made-in-Italy paradigm of mine to market. Dematier takes its name from the initial letter of the founder's surname, Alex Diana, linked by conjunction with the French word matiere whose meaning is raw material (D + e + matier). As anticipated, Dematier deals in particular with the emerald; the green stone par excellence that stands out for its intense color and shine. Through these stones, Dematier therefore wants to tell a new Colombian story, in which there are no prejudices, but transparency and brilliance. The added value of the company consists in the very high quality of the stones extracted, each with international certification. In fact, each emerald boasts its own identity card in which information on the date, place, time of extraction, shape and weight are entered. Dematier is today a company able to quickly satisfy the demands of the current luxury market with innovative approaches. A market that is not only feminine but is also open to the masculine world through an exclusive jewelry line. Dematier also represents a clear saving and a safe investment:bybuying jewels you reach a 30% savings threshold compared to other brands operating in the current market. Research, selection, openness, vision: Dematier intends to express the openness of the jewels world to a new language that expresses the contamination of different lifestyles. The jewel will no longer be just for a few.Who Wears Dematier  is one pursues his goals with determination, celebrates his victories, and wants to give personality to everything he wears. The presence of Dematier products is decided following a careful selection of physical sales points, which are actually internationally recognized. Digital is chosen as a channel through which to offer its products. A service is available to the user that translates into a true "accompaniment" to the final purchase, offering a complete shopping experience just as physically visiting a store.

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